Forgotten World Adventures Rail Cart Tours

There are several ways to enjoy the Forgotten World scenic railway line. Choose between a half day rail cart experience through 5 tunnels or a full day rail cart experience through 20 tunnels.

The half day 5 tunnel tour is approximately 3.5 hours long and travels through five brick tunnels. The longest tunnel is 1.5km long before emerging in lush bushland or though country farms. The half day experience covers 32km of the railway line and light snacks and refreshments are provided at the half way point before you return to the depot at Taumarunui.

The full day experience travels through 20 tunnels and covers 80km of the scenic railway line. The full day experience begins at the Taumarunui depot before embarking on a self-driven rail cart experience. Lunch is included at Tangarakau Gorge before finishing the journey at Whangamomona. Shuttle services are available to return you to Taumarunui in the afternoon.